China countdown
better late than never

off like a prom dress

DreamingMoi In just about an hour and a half, I'll be off to the airport for a month-long stint in China. I packed last night, with minimal fuss, and managed to keep it to one large suitcase, a stuffed carry-on (which in retrospect I should have put a change of clothing in, or at least underwear, with my lack of luck with simultaneous luggage arrival), and my mondo-sized purse. It helps that we've got laundry facilities on the other end, so I only took about 10 days worth of clothing. I've cleaned out the fridge (mostly), emptied the trash, changed the sheets, watered the plants, painted my toenails, done the dishes (mostly) and I'm eating the last of the berries and granola right now.


And that pretty much sums it up. More when I get my internet set up on the other end.


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