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Louis CK: "Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy"

BlueGirlofHappiness It's so true! Amazing shit happens all the time, and not just our technology, but we're such freakin' whiners about everything. The entitlement just needs to stop. I love this because it's Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "I Am Waiting" come true. It's the rebirth of wonder, and it's good to be reminded of how utterly, mind-bogglingly magical life is in the Western world, even now when times are tough. And I hate to say it, but the first thing I thought when the financial shit hit the fan was "Yeah, maybe this will make us rethink our mindless consumerism, our privilege, our entitlement, our greed and shortsightedness. Maybe this will force us to remember what's important: our friends, our families, our health, food, clothing, shelter, love, and respect. All those cliche things." Your phone doesn't use  sparks to dial any more, people! And you can fly! Get a grip!

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What a great rant!!! I love that. Now people search for their TV remote and are pissed when they cannot find it. I can remember when there were only two channels and we had to actually get up off our lazy asses and change the channel, sometime adjusting the antenna at the same time. Oh yeah, we had to watch the commercials too. Did I mention this was all in black and white? ;-)

Who is the guest? He looks familiar but I cannot place him.

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