Isn't This an Oxymoron?
Attention Science Geeks!

On top of that,

. . . apparently I'm a Socialist. Wouldn't Dad be surprised! I'm down there in the Gandhi quadrant, which I think is not a bad place to be. Maybe I should move to Holland. I could probably get a grant to make books there.

            You are a    
     Social Liberal    
     (80% permissive)
     and an...    

      Economic Liberal      
     (11% permissive)
     You are best described as a:

Link: The Politics Test    on  Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

In other news, still sick, but not like I was. It pays to whine on one's blog, apparently. I got calls from two friends, who both told me I sound awful. Comforting, somehow. At least I know I'm not faking it. Sometimes I'm not sure.


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These little tests are fun, but I think a conservative bias is subtly built in to this one. When I looked at the grid showing the political ideologies, I saw that one could test as very "Republican" before one is considered a "fascist," but one doesn't have to be all that "Democratic" before one is considered a "socialist."

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