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Isn't This an Oxymoron?


Sick_tired_moiAs my LJ pals would say, "Blargh." F-ing cold. I have no voice, which means, obviously, that I cannot teach tonight. This really irks me, as it's one of the high points of my week right now, plus it throws off the syllabus and makes life a pain in the arse for everyone, since we have to schedule a make-up class. fortunately, my hero, Andy Baker, volunteered to sub for me so there would be no make-up class. I owe him a big one. This is one of those colds that's teetering on the edge of becoming bronchitis, which I'd rather not have it do, and which would, in the end, only take longer to get over. So. No class for me tonight. Crap. I miss my students!

The only up side to this is I have a legitimate excuse to lie in bed and read, rather than just being a lazy sod, although at some point I need to retrieve my laundry and get some more bagels, and a few other things to make edible, sinus-clearing food with.


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