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Saving the Suicide Hotline

Peacegirl This is a favorite cause of mine, not because I've lost anyone to suicide, but because I've felt low enough myself to not really care whether I lived or died. Even if you aren't actively seeking to end your life, that point where you don't care is a bad enough place to be; I can't imagine going that one step further and because I couldn't, I got myself into therapy and stopped walking into traffic without looking. But not everyone is always this rational. I know it's important for people in this state of mind to have a safe place to find help, a place that's confidential, that won't treat them like criminals (or potential suicide bombers), that won't penalize them or make them feel worse than they already do. In a country where you cannot make a phone call or send an e-mail message without an assured right to privacy, this issue is not a trivial matter. Keeping your records confidential is not something the government, especially the current one, is very good at. And this kind of problem requires empathy, not bureaucracy. So if you can, give a few bucks to keep this service private and independent.


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