What I'm Grateful For (12/9)
The Halt and the Blind

What I'm Grateful For (12/24)


      1. Weather.  It's been cold and crisp with lots of snow on the ground up here in Maine and I'm reminded how much I like winter and snow: the air freezing in my nose, the crunch of snow, the frosting on the trees, the ginormous icicles. Last night it rained hard and everything looks a little soggy but somehow fresher and neater, with the roads completely clear instead of covered in slush. I'm hoping we get a bit more snow before I leave, but preferably not on the day I'm flying out.
      2. Someone else who likes to hang out in their PJs in the morning. Rob and I are both emailing and blogging in our jammies right now, with our coffee and tea respectively. He gets up earlier than I do, but likes to putter around like I do.
      3. Sacred Music. The Rose Ensemble last night on NPR, the Lessons and Carols from Kings College today. Rob is mimicking the readers in a faux British accent because he's done it so many times himself, and because it must all be very Oxbridgian, of course.
      4. Whoopie Pies, my new favorite Maine treat, two chocolate cakey cookie about the size of a black-and-white with creamy frosting between. YUM!
      5. Rob, because he makes me laugh so freaking much, and treats me like a princess when I visit him.


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