What I'm Grateful For (11/29)
What I'm Grateful For (12/24)

What I'm Grateful For (12/9)

TeadollIt occurs to me that I've been so busy with company and making books that I haven't done this in a while. I think every day is too much, but like, once a week is good. Since I've been awake since 4 AM and it's now a little after 6 AM, today I'm grateful:

      1. For sleep. Especially when I don't have enough. I really like sleeping though. I enjoy that place where you're falling into it and where you're coming out of it in the morning, not quite awake, but not asleep either. There's nothing like a good night of sleep.
      2. That I can indulge my occasional insomnia without being fried for work the next day, and that I can get up when I want to. No more alarm clocks! Yay!
      3. For naps. I love naps. As long as they don't stretch into hours.
      4. For vivid dreams. I get some of my best ideas and solve a lot of problems in my dreams.
      5. For my wonderful, comfy, huge, high sleigh bed and its soft sheets and warm down comforter.


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