What I'm Grateful For (11/28)
What I'm Grateful For (12/9)

What I'm Grateful For (11/29)

Sick_tired_moi A day at the dentist is never a Good Day. Although it could be worse. Today, I'm grateful:

      1. That I don't have to have a root canal.
      2. That I have the $1500 it's going to cost me for a second cleaning (since I waited a year and a half between them) and the new crown I need for my cracked tooth.
      3. That everything else in my mouth is actually in great shape.
      4. That a couple of ibuprofen will take care of the ache in my jaw.
      5. That I'm not going to see the sadistic dentist I used to have when I was a kid. My current one is a very nice man who will actually give me anesthetics when I need them.


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