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What I'm Grateful For (11/24)

What I'm Grateful For (11/23)

Doll_3Hey! Look! It actually might make you happier to make a list of things you're grateful for. And somebody beat me to the idea of the Happiness Project, too. Great minds think alike.

So here's what I'm grateful for today, in more detail than the first post, because it does seem not enough to just make a list. Gratitude requires an explanation.

  1. Cooler weather (good for sleeping and hot flashes). I like bundling up because it makes me feel cozy, and I like sweaters and scarves and cold weather clothes.
  2. Telephones and my compulsion to answer them, which helps keep me from being a total hermit.
  3. My cousin Carole, who calls to make sure I'm still alive, now and then. I don't have a lot of family left and she's made more effort than anyone to keep in touch.
  4. Beautiful paper and the stores that carry it, which, for me, are like toy stores to a kid. They're a feast of color and texture.
  5. My steadily declining interest in consumerism. It's a relief not to want to own things the way I once did, to be able to just look at them in the store and think, "that's cute!" or "wow, that's really beautiful" and take the memory away with me without wanting the thing. It almost always looks better displayed in the store, anyway.


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