What I'm Grateful For (11/23)
What I'm Grateful For (11/25)

What I'm Grateful For (11/24)

Teadoll Lessee, today I'm grateful:

      1. That I've learned to be a good enough person that people want to keep in touch with me, by & large. This prompted by a call from Kristin Abkemeier, whom I last saw back in the spring when she was having a tough time. She called today to let me know she's thriving now, in a job she really loves, which is great. And it was sweet of her to update me.
      2. That I know so many smart, talented, and creative people. It makes my life very rich in so many ways.
      3. That I have time right now to do things I really love—making books and writing.
      4. That I'm finally starting to unwind. It's only taken me, what? Almost a year? But I'm sleeping really well again, and enjoying it.
      5. That Carlos's book is starting to really come together. Pics tomorrow!


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