What I'm Grateful For (11/25)
What I'm Grateful For (11/27)

What I'm Grateful For (11/26)

TeadollA cool, rainy day today that thwarted my plans to go buy paper. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for:

      1. Rainy days. I like waking up to it in the morning and just lying in bed listening to it. It's especially nice when I don't have to go out in it. They always make me sleepy.
      2. The enormous number of things people have found to stick one thing to another. The vellum tape I bought turns out to be repositionable and won't work for Carlos's book, but the Zig glue pens I bought are perfect and are barely visible.
      3. Streaming music services like Pandora, for those times when commercial radio sucks. With some decent speakers for my computer and enough memory, I may eventually chuck my stereo system entirely. What a great paper rack that cabinet will make!
      4. Mail deliveries. I live for the mail and always have. It's a surprise every day, even when it's bills. You never know what might arrive.
      5. E-bay. Where else would I find letterpress blocks, vintage microscope slides, discounted Calphalon, cheap art supplies, tools, and other obscure crap, er, stuff I need? It's like a giant garage sale with a search engine.


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