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May 09, 2008


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What an interesting post! Having graduated as a mature age student last year, and having been in class with many other mature age students, I have to say that things seem very different here.
The fact that the mature age students are motivated is the same, but all my peers seemed very well-educated, many already with prior qualifications in other fields. We had students from the Australian, New Zealand, South African, Pakistani, Serbian and English education systems. I guess they were just a different socio-economic group. Maybe because we were doing fine art.

Lee Kottner

I did my undergrad degree with a lot of non-traditional age students, too because that was part of the ethos of the women's college I went to. I didn't appreciate at the time how valuable they were to have in class, but they were, like me, mostly middle or upper middle class white women. The women I'm tutoring now mostly came out of working class, inner city NYC schools that are notorious for their poor quality. There are some students coming in from Jamaica and the Bahamas, and their basic education is much better, but still needs some help. What bothers me so much about seeing this is how smart the students who come in generally are. Every now and then, there's one who has managed to somehow transcend the system and grasp the right ideas on their own, but who lacks the confidence in their own intelligence. That's really heartbreaking.

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