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March 15, 2008


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Thanks Lee. All very interesting of course. I think 'we all'* just make this assumption that the internet floats a little above the law. The 'don't be evil' maxim is a worthwhile philosophy even if you don't believe/care/respect anyone or anything: it's simple insurance against financial penalty in the basest sense.

You're pre-empting the opening line to the 2nd part of my essaythingydoodle: 'There is no copyright or licensing restriction that cannot be overcome by the granting of permission' ! (pity I'm a lot lazier than you at getting my writing fingies into action)

*I'm not necessarily sure who I include in this group. Certainly all us casual bloggers for sure. But I'm starting to see (for instance) myspace pics turning up in the MSM (eg. the NY governor's prostitute). I wonder if they have been vetting that sort of theft (as I think it is) with their legal depts? Passing wonder.

Lee Kottner

My pleasure, Peacay. Sorry to "pre-empt" your opening line. It's certianly worth saying again. Permission is much less of a big deal to get, especially from individuals, than people think it is.

And yeah, it's interesting to see the mainstream doing the appropriating too. They're certainly not above it. I wonder if they don't have a sense that they can get away with it more easily than the "little guys." And it's funny how often, when they're caught at it, they blame it on "the interns," i.e., the kids who grew up with the Internet and see it as a vast freebie library.

When I wrote "we all" I was certainly thinking of bloggers in general, but people do it in emails too, which makes it an even larger group than the bloggers. I think we have to sort of resign ourselves to the fact that once it's on the internet, our control over it is very tenuous. I've been pirated, and I'm sure you have too. There are whole sites that do nothing but. I just got my last copyright post removed from one of them by Google.

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