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February 16, 2008


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Thank you for this.


Lots of food for thought. Thank you!


Copyright is always an interesting issue. I tend to agree with pretty much everything you said. One thing I wonder about, in the 'fine art' world, where does 'appropriation' end and breach of copyright begin? I did some digital images about Guantanamo Bay, appropriating images from art history and altering them. Most of the images I used are out of copyright (Rembrandt, Giorgione, Michelangelo) but one or two were not. It was a student thing and I just used what would work. However I wouldn't exhibit or sell the ones that aren't out of copyright.

Lee Kottner

Yeah, fine art is way trickier, I think. I can't say I know of any cases where an artist was sued for using an image in their work. Usually, it's so transformed that it doesn't much resemble the original, and that usually covers the problem. But even with old masters' work, you have to be careful. The museums that own the work generaly want a fee for its use. I think I paid about $100 to the Louvre to use an image of their Three Graces relief, but didn't have to pay to use part of DaVinci's The Creation. But that was also for an edition I was selling, which does seem to make a difference, at least in whether they'll come after you or not.

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