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January 22, 2008


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These have beautiful covers. The stitching looks fine too. You get more competent as you do them. I have made a lot of them now, and it is like knitting - you have to get used to having the right tension.
You are probably making it hard for yourself, doing it all with one long thread. I was taught to join them with kettle stitch. I have Keith A's Volume 1. It is not easy to read. Easy, once you've already made the structure. But kettle stitch is so easy - not worth buying an expensive book like that to learn.Oh, and I just checked the book and it is only mentioned twice and so hard to understand. If you look on this web page
third picture from the bottom, shows exactly how to do a kettle stitch.

Lee Kottner

Thanks for the kind words. I do feel like I'm getting a bit more competent. Eight more books in the works, which should give me a good grounding. I may even try a couple of different stitches too. It's getting to be addictive. Funny you should say I'm making it harder with such a long thread, because that's how I was taught! Like Mac vs. PC, isn't it? It's what you've learned first. I'll definitely try your suggestion, though I seem to have gotten the knack of the long thread now.

I like the Keith Smith books, but they do take a bit of puzzling out. I usually stare at them for a bit and then, if I'm lucky, I have an aha! moment where the illustration suddenly makes sense. But the link you posted is very clear. Thanks for that!

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