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January 31, 2008


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Robert Kellerman

Hey Professor Kottner, congratulations!

I didn't know you'd even applied for such work. I thuoght academia left a very bitter taste in your mouth. Or was that just your never-ending graduate program?

This sounds like a fun, fun gig, and the fact that it's in your neighborhood, sort of, makes it even better. No schlepping over bridges and into different boroughs/states! Congrats.

Lee Kottner

That's Fraulein Professor Kottner to you, Herr Doktor Professor Kellerman. Should be fun, and challenging, I think, with this crowd. It's not the teaching that gets me down, it's the politicking and potlicking. I like being in the classroom and working with students. Proximity is a big sell, too.


Or professoressa is a nice way to be addressed, no?
Keep us posted. After my experiences as a mature age student I am feeling rather cynical about academia.

Lee Kottner

Sorry to hear academia left a bad taste in your mouth. Going back as an adult is a whole different ball of wax though, and has its own set of challenges that many profs don't grasp right away (or ever). What were your experiences?

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