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September 26, 2007


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Thanks for the plug, Lee!

Speaking as that lesbian manga expert, call me crazy, but to me a *good* character becomes a *sexy* character. Just giving a female pleasant proportions does not ensure I'll ever find her sexy at all - giving her absurd proportions ensures I will have to work much, much harder to like her.

Give me a well-drawn, well-written character, and I'm far more likely to find her attractive. But then, there's that old adage about women's sexual organ being their brain. (Okay, stick her in a military uniform, or glasses or have her hair obscure her right eye and yes, I'm sure I'll like her better. We all have our physical fetishes...)

It's exhausting that, after all this time, the industry is still shocked to find that women read comics. If you want to be really exhausted, try being a lesbian who reads "Yuri" when 99.9% of the women in your field obsess about "Boy's Love." Ugh.



Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!

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