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July 23, 2005


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You sure gave me something to think about I had not considered. Unfortunately, I think many people share my mindset. Because most overt discrimination has seemingly disappeared, many of us don't realize that instead it has become institutionalized and most of those who consciously practice discrimination do so from "the closet."

For the rest of us, we aren't aware of it unless directly affected.

I certainly am aware of discrimination against LGBTI people, as I am one. I know ageism exists being that I am of "a certain age." And why isn't there a word in the English language that is the opposite of "bald." Hirsute or hairy don't fit. Body size and shape enter here too.

Now to one form of discrimination that I do talk and write about a lot: racism. Many in the US want to deny it still exists. But witness the tactics used against Harold Ford in Tennessee. The Republicans knew they could play the race card. At least when I see someone in a vehicle here in Atlanta with a rebel flag, I know the person is an "out" racist. Racism is still widespread in the South but closeted and institutionalized as is sexism.

There are no easy answers. However, I now realized I only posted about books written by men. My sexism is not conscious, but I am guilty of not considering it more. I plan to do better, so thanks for blogging about this. In graduate school, I read Shulasmith Firestone's excellent The Dialectic of Sex. While I am not a Marxist, I had little to dispute with her outstanding work. Keep up the good work, Ann. Your perspective on things makes me think...a lot.

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