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Lee Kottner

That's pretty hilarious, I agree. Is that "honesty" manipulative too?

Jose Dominguez

Hilarious? She was so sarcastic. Everything she mentioned was the last thing a woman does on their cycle. Also, it was kinda minipulative whith the whole "why are tampon ads so ridiculous". As if saying, since we're not like them, buy kotex! lol

Brianna Gipe

@ prof. the honesty is manipulative defintely. But it's advertising sarcasim to how tampon companies try and sell their product is almost insulting and lies at times. The honesty is refreshing though.. @ jose. Exactly! Everything she said is bashing periods, but she's totally right. Most period commericals are about girls who are in love with their periods. Which, take my advice, not true. But I love the sarcasim in it, and because of them being real and honest, I buy their products.

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