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  • Rob-outside-lav Robert Kellerman is an assistant professor of English at the University of Maine at Augusta, where he teaches composition, introductory literature courses, medieval and Renaissance English literature courses, history of the English language, and introductory lgbt studies. Previous to living in Maine, he lived on Guam and in Michigan. He enjoys drinking coffee, swimming, classical music, reading, and writing.

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September 10, 2010


david maxwell

Gardens (and other yard work) are a great and green way to leave an imprint for those who follow us; and I find it tremendously therapeutic. The challenge is to exercise restraint to avoid biting off more than I want to chew.

Jeremy Beauregard

Good luck in taking care of your big yard. Just continue giving the love and care that your garden needs. That way, the beauty that you're expecting from the plants will definitely emerge in no time. It's will also make your house look a lot more inviting than when there are no flowers or plants at all.

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