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June 20, 2009


Lee Kottner

Hmm, this seems not to have posted the first time, for some reason. Anyway, in general, I couldn't agree more about the absurdity that is Skymall, but let me enlighten you about the Bra Baby Ball. You learn to appreciate something like this when you're forced to pay anywhere from $25-$75 for one decent piece of very necessary underwear only to have to handwash it whenever you wear it or risk having it beaten to death in the washer or dryer, even on the gentle cycle. Washing a bra in the washing machine is not like washing a jockstrap, believe me: underwires, lace, satin and other delicate fabrics, and LOTS of elastic. Not to mention those hooks that catch on everything and are easily ruined. It's a significant investment and if you don't want to handwash every one you own, this is the perfect solution.

But that bug vac? Obviously for the PETA people who think the President shouldn't have swatted that fly on national TV.


I retract my statement about the Bra Ball. I had no idea that this was a valid idea, or that bras were so expensive, having never had the occasion to buy one. (Jockstraps I know.) My apologies.

Bras really can cost $75.00? I suppose that precise engineering doesn't come cheap, but $75.00?? Wow.

Liam Manchester

Robert , just loved your article. We here at DesignToscano.com got quite a chuckle from it and have a copy up on our companies call center wall. Our Zombie, which I had a hand in creating, has been a hit all over the world. My fellow Europeans just love him to death...so to speak. In my home town of London, the word Zombie has come to mean someone who has taken leave of his house payments, which sorry to say everyone has seen a lot of. I see that you have a love for Renaissance and Medieval, On our home site we have many pieces of direct historical sculpture that you may enjoy. We even were given direct permission to copy the Historical Gargoyle of Notre Dame, Paris.


Also here is one of my bestselling works its called The Dweller Below Garden Sculpture


So I just wanted to drop you a line, Keep up the nice work


Liam Manchester
Design Toscano
Master Sculptor

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