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  • Rob-outside-lav Robert Kellerman is an assistant professor of English at the University of Maine at Augusta, where he teaches composition, introductory literature courses, medieval and Renaissance English literature courses, history of the English language, and introductory lgbt studies. Previous to living in Maine, he lived on Guam and in Michigan. He enjoys drinking coffee, swimming, classical music, reading, and writing.

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January 23, 2007



Hipness is good, no matter where one is. Good to see you up and online.



Ah, Maine sounds like a place I would love. The faculty at your new place seem particularly interesting! Glad you have a blog back up and running.


Lee Kottner

Well there's hip and there's hip, and the Soho/Chelsea hipness is so faux. Word to the New Yorker here, the spritzer crowd is not hip. The people the spritzer crowd come to see are hipper, but only when they're more interested in their art than the crowd they draw. Not to mention how relative it all is. Maine, as far as I could see, was very hip. I'm looking forward to experiencing more of its honest hipness.


Welcome to Maine. If this is how you define hip, I think you'll feel right at home.



Nice article.....

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